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Personal Injury

Have you had an accident?

  • On the road?
  • At work?
  • In a public place?
  • At home?

Having an accident is extremely distressing. It can have serious long-term effects on your life.

Obtaining some compensation can go a long way towards reducing those effects.

You may feel uneasy at the prospect of taking action, or believe that you are unlikely to be successful. You may well be worried about the costs involved…

At times like this you need experienced advice and help. You also need to be sure the people you contact are really on your side.

Based in Potters Bar and Barnet, Male & Wagland can offer you a personal, local service where you can meet with a personal injury solicitor. You will be given clear advice and support throughout the process.

For a no-obligation discussion, please call 01707 657171, or contact us for a 'Making a Personal Injury Claim' guide.


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