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We deal with all aspects of Landlord and Tenant relationships acting on behalf of both landlords and tenants of all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our work includes negotiating and advising upon renewals, terminations and rent reviews, conducting proceedings arising out of breaches of covenant or non-payment of rent.

We liaise with the Client's Surveyors and Estate Agents in order to ensure that property problems are resolved to the Client's satisfaction with the minimum of delay. Experience shows that Landlord and Tenant disputes can often be avoided if the right advice is sought at an early stage so that the Client is aware of his legal rights and responsibilities and can take appropriate action.

However if litigation proves unavoidable we have the experience to provide the Client with expert advice aimed at achieving a satisfactory resolution. Our objective is always to provide prompt and businesslike advice.

If you would like a no obligation discussion, or would like to know how we would approach a particular issue, then please call Richard Male at Potters Bar on 01707 657171, or David Saunders at Barnet on 0208 449 9669, or contact us via our enquiry form so that we can get in touch with you.


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